Cluttering May Be Hazardous To Your Health

Cluttering May Be Hazardous To Your Health

 Some of us live in a mountain of stuff. We may not realize that somewhere in our brain we try and keep track of it all. Sometimes it is good to ask yourself -Why do I have so much stuff? Usually our possessions make us feel cared for because they help us do what we want to do. When we get to the point of clutter frustration can set in. We buy another item because we cannot find the one we have. We soon forget what we have and the clutter just gets out of hand. A lack of managing our stuff can even get to the point of hoarding.

The difference between a clutterer and hoarder is very important to know. In 2013 Compulsive Hoarding Syndrome was defined as a mental disorder in the 5th edition of the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). Seeking Professional advice is a good solution to this problem. On the other hand clutterers can seek help by hiring a declutter service to come in and start sorting, throwing out, giving to charity and finding that perfect home for every item in the home, office or garage. Once there is a place for every item keeping order is much easier. A commitment to spend time creating order in one’s space can be life altering.

The benefits are great. Enjoying your fine furniture by seeing the beauty of that wood table top because it has no piles on it. Getting dressed for the day is fun because you can find that outfit that makes you feel confident and smart. Having only items in your home that really like, makes you appreciate them more. Our possessions are supposed to add value to our lives and they can when they are in order. For one of the best declutter services in Long Beach call Jeanne…the organizational genie.

Working From Home During The Pandemic

During the Pandemic many people are safely working from home.  As they work they notice the clutter they are surrounded by.

How would you describe your office and desk? Is it neat and orderly? Does it look like a recent tornado hit it? Is it filled with a mountain of paper and junk? Not being able to find a paper clip or the right file can be stressful. These small stresses can add up and detract from productivity. A clean and orderly space promotes creativity, inspiration, motivation and productivity.

Here are some guidelines that professional organizers use:

  • Open all envelopes and throw out the inserts you know you will never read.
  • Sort like things together like hand written notes, bills TO BE PAID, coupons, grocery lists, memorabilia, TO DO items and a TO READ pile.
  • Keep items near where you use them like stapler near the printer.
  • Take advantage of containers like pen and pencils in a can.4
  • Always return items to their proper home.
  • Clear your desk of anything that you do not use regularly.

Hiring a professional organizer in Long Beach can be very helpful and well worth the money. Sometimes in the process of getting organized things are newly discovered. Jeanne the organizational genie has found cash, un-cashed checks, gift cards and coins. She is trustworthy, kind and very experienced. You can read about her many happy clients on this website. One of her specialties is office organizing in Long Beach, CA.

Home Office BEFORE Organization

Office Before Organized


Home Office AFTER Organization

Office After Organized by the Organizational Genie