Professional Home & Office Declutter Organizing Services in Long Beach, CA.

The Organizational Genie is a full-service home and business organization company. We specialize in de-cluttering, organizing and creating functional and stylized spaces. We create homes and offices that make you happy. Whether it be one cabinet, one room, one house or one company, you will experience a calm and happy place when the Genie has worked her magic.

The Organizational Genie is your leading professional home organizer. Why let the clutter take you over when you can experience a calm and comfortable life?

Bathroom Organizing

Enjoy a cleaner, more comfortable bathroom with our bathroom organizing services. Whether you are getting ready for work or starting just another new day, begin with order and ease. Never let clutter stop you from enjoying a tranquil time for your make up, hair and grooming. A clean and tidy bathroom can promote, hygiene, health and well-being.

Bedroom Organizing

You spend at least a third of your life in your bedroom, so make it a comfortable and inviting space. With superior bedroom organizing services, as well as de-clutter coaching, enjoy a more comfortable life, even if you are sleeping!

Closet Organizing

Too many clothes? That is no problem for The Organizational Genie. We do not encourage you to throw anything out; instead just enjoy your clothes in a more ordered manner. Choosing what to becomes easier when similar colors are put together or the long sleeves are separated from the short sleeves.

Charity Drop-Off

Some things are too good to throw away. Why not let others enjoy the items that you no longer have any use for? The Organizational Genie will pick up your stuff, and then donate it for you so that you can spread the love. She will even bring you the tax-deductible receipt from the charity upon her next visit.

De-Clutter Services

It can be tough to keep everything in order, particularly when you live a busy life. Find more comfort in your home with our exceptional declutter services that maximize the space you have while restoring a calm life.

Kitchen Organizing

We all need to eat for nourishment and most of us spend many hours in the kitchen cooking or grabbing a bite.

Organizing utensils can help you find them when you need them. You will not end up buying five bottle openers because you are certain of where you keep the one. Every item in your pantry, refrigerator, drawers and cabinet can have a “home” so everyone can return it to it’s proper “home” after using it.

Office Organizing

Keep your work affairs in order with office organizing by The Organizational Genie. Being able to find the proper documents adds to productivity by saving time. Always know where your important documents are so that you can be more efficient and prepared for any emergency in your life.

We create design solutions that free your life from clutter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I find a good professional office organizer in Long Beach, CA?

That is easy! The Organizational Genie services all areas of Long Beach, providing office organization with the attention to detail that only a professional has. We take care of all aspects of your office in order to provide a cohesive environment in which you can work.

What does a professional organizer do?

Simply put, a professional organizer does the things you do not have time for. We organize and de-clutter your space to provide you with more room to do the things you need and want to do.

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